Grand Lodge

banner1-169x300The Grand Lodge of Western Australia is the governing body and administration centre of the Western Australian Constitution of Freemasonry. It is a sovereign body, which celebrated its centenary in 2000.

The head of Grand Lodge is the Grand Master, MW Bro Peter Kirwan; he is assisted in his duties by a team of Grand officers including the Deputy Grand Master, RW Bro Daniel Ganon, a Grand Chaplain,a Grand Almoner and numerous others. There is also an administrative staff at the Masonic Centre at 61 Thomas Street, Subiaco.

All individual Freemasons lodges in the Western Australian Constitution are subordinate to, and operate under a warrant from The Grand Lodge of Western Australia.

Freemasonry is an ancient international society of men dedicated to the improvement of society through the teachings of the three main principles of brotherly love (peace, friendship and tolerance to all regardless of race or creed), relief (charity to all those in genuine need) and truth (belief in the one true God as required by the teachings of any individual member’s chosen faith).

Freemasonry is a very traditionally focused organisation and many of its ancient customs and practices often seem strange and mysterious when compared to the accepted normality of the ever changing modern world in which we must all live. To enable interested persons to gain a better understanding of our fraternity and to dispel a few myths and misunderstandings, a series of informative articles have been prepared for this web site. However, any further enquiries will be welcomed at the offices of The Grand Lodge of Western Australia.