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Freemasonry is a multi-racial, multi-cultural voluntary organisation. Membership is open to men of all faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds, who are 18 years and above; law-abiding, of good character and who not only believe in something greater but also have a belief in themselves and are looking for challenges.

You don’t have to wait to be invited to join Freemasonry or have a family history in Freemasonry

Simply complete the application form below and a representative of the Grand Lodge of Western Australia will contact you to answer your questions and discuss the next steps to joining Freemasonry.

Why Join?

When you join Freemasonry you’ll be a part of a worldwide community built on the values of integrity, goodwill and charity. Members experience many varied benefits including:

    • The opportunity to meet outstanding individuals from all walks of life, many generations, and a range of backgrounds; people you may not otherwise have the opportunity to know and to call brother.
    • Being part of a group that provides its members with self development opportunities including public speaking, leadership, training and experience.
    • The opportunity to meet with established members of the community and to become a part of, and active contributor to, the community. 
    • The chance to learn about, and contribute to the history of one of the world’s oldest and largest fraternal organisations
    • Being part of a group where you can seek support as well as offer it
    • The opportunity to be involved in a range of social activities. Freemason Lodge social occasions are frequently open to non-members and include film nights, dinners, trivia, BBQ’s and Ladies Nights.

Please note

Joining Freemasonry will require a personal commitment of time. Formal and informal meetings both occur once per month and all members are expected to attend their Lodge’s formal monthly meeting. It is also important to note that the purpose of Freemasonry is moral and self-improvement, not the gaining of any material advantage. Freemasonry is not a benefit society, nor a secret society.

Qualification for Membership?

In modern times the requirements for being a Freemason center on having good morals and values, a desire to support the community and a drive for self development. In meeting these requirements Freemasonry accepts men of all faiths, religions, races, nationalities and from every walk of life. Being a good man is the crux of the organisations teachings. You will need to be able to accommodate Freemasonry within the framework of your personal beliefs and also be comfortable taking an obligation on The Bible or another holy book as may be appropriate.

Candidates for Freemasonry must be of the age of 18 years or more and must be of good character and free from conviction of any serious crimes and a Police clearance will be required if requested. Freemasonry prides itself on making good men better men and employs a structure based on complete trust among its members.

It is most important that every candidate for Freemasonry has the full support of his partner and family. Contrary to popular belief the ladies and family of Freemasons are encouraged to have a productive input into the fraternity, as without their support and interest modern Freemasonry could not survive.

The Benefits of Membership

The biggest reward of all is the satisfaction of working for the common good of all mankind, however the benefits of joining Freemasonry are many and varied. Not least of these is the privilege of being instructed in the Masonic codes of moral and ethical conduct whilst supported by men who hold the same values and high standards. Freemasonry teachings comprise a series of traditional ceremonies handed down in tact to the present day over hundreds of years.

Freemasonry welcomes men of all ages and varied backgrounds

This offers a rare opportunity to form close and meaningful relationships with like-minded men that may otherwise not be possible. Freemasonry also offers valuable experience in leadership for those who chose to progress through the various offices of the lodge to the position of Master and every member is empowered to advance at their own pace.

Freemasonry is social

Those who join Freemasonry often find it far more social than they imagined. Every Masonic lodge has a ‘festive” component to each meeting. The Festive Board, as it is referred to is a meal shared by the members of the lodge at the conclusion of the ceremonial and business facets of the meeting. They can be a simple social gathering over a dinner and drinks or a full masonic “Festive board” with lots of formal toasts and speeches delivered in a light-hearted yet dignified manner. Lodges frequently involve partners and family in many social activities including the formal lodge ladies nights, informal picnics and BBQ’s, theatre evenings, restaurant evenings, fates and fairs and much more. Ladies also have functions of their own and often enjoy a night out together whilst the men attend their meetings.

Freemasonry helps those in need

Charity is close to every good Freemason’s heart and the practice of charity is high on the agenda of the lodge. Western Australian Freemasons raise large sums of money for many forms of charitable work including disaster relief, donations to hospitals and community care organisations, funding medical research and care for the young and old through housing schemes and higher education grants. 

Freemasonry is an international fraternity and visiting Masons are always assured of the warmest of welcomes and a helping hand, if needed, in all corners of the globe. In this respect every Freemason is an ambassador for world peace, racial and religious tolerance and love and respect of our fellow men.

Apply for Membership

Are you ready to take the first step to becoming a better man? Complete the form below and we’ll get in touch with you. Our membership team is dedicated to assisting you with your application and guiding you through the membership process.

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Please answer the following questions to assist our Membership team with your application.

Freemasonry is a non-religious organisation. Do you feel you will be able to accomodate Freemasonry within the framework of your personal beliefs?

Would you feel comfortable taking an obligation on the Bible or another holy book as may be appropriate to your beliefs?

Freemasonry is centred upon maintaining high ethical and moral standards as well as the values of integrity, goodwill and charity. Are you confident that you can strive to meet these standards and uphold these values?

As our traditions are based on the practice of social and moral standards, we will need to ask some personal questions regarding any past activity that may have lead to a civil or criminal conviction. Given this, would you be happy to discuss if you have ever been convicted of a serious crime?

Freemasonry strongly supports the belief that family comes first, work comes second and Freemasonry comes third. There is a scope for as little or as much involvement in Freemasonry as each individual member chooses to have. Lodges meet from as little as five times a year through to once a month, with members looking to become even more involved through visitation and the ability to join as many lodges as time and finances will allow.Do you understand that there is both a time and a financial commitment for membership, namely attending lodge meetings and paying the respective fees of your chosen lodge in a timely manner?

Do you have the support of your family in applying to join Freemasonry?

By submitting this enquiry you are declaring that you are law abiding citizen and that you are willing to provide a National Police Clearance Certificate if requested.
I agree

Whilst Freemasonry offers its members much in the way of camaraderie, personal developement, community involvement and tradition, do you understand that membership will not result in material or financial gain?

Do you understand that Freemasonry is a non political, law abiding organisation and as such you may be required to toast the Head of State or the Queen?

The Membership Process

Once we have received the online form one of our membership officers will contact you based on the area you live in, so it is important that the contact information you supply is correct. The initial contact is simply a coffee or phone call for a general chat to give you some more information on Freemasonry and to answer any questions you may have to make sure Freemasonry is suited to you.

There are over 100 Lodges in Western Australia all with their own unique history, once you have been qualified by the membership team and you would like to take the next step you will be introduced to a Lodge that fits you. This is based on the night, day or time of the week that is convenient to you.

Depending on the lodge they may invite you to a casual get together or to the Festive Board dinner after the Lodge Meeting. This will allow you to meet and get to know other members of that lodge before you join. The process for membership can take up to 6 months, after that period the Lodge can nominate you for initiation and then you are on your way to becoming a member of the worlds oldest fraternity!