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Supporting the victims of

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Ellie

Fundraising progress

$25,000 target reached!

Thank you to these individuals and Freemason Lodges for their contributions towards this appeal.


Don Blair ⋅ James Walker ⋅ David Barras Baker ⋅ Michael Wise ⋅ George Shaw ⋅ P & A Barton ⋅ Anthony K House ⋅ Sengston Ralph Trevo ⋅ Simon Snook ⋅ John Urban ⋅ Greg Scott ⋅ Robert O’Worthington ⋅ Ian Gillespie ⋅ Eliot Fisher ⋅ G.C Wackett ⋅ J G Maley Family ⋅ Eric Nuttall ⋅ M D F Clement ⋅ Shelley Stokes ⋅ Russell Porter ⋅ Michael Barnes ⋅ Kingsley R Preston ⋅ Ross Moir ⋅ Desmond Michael ⋅ Grant Cucel ⋅ Michael London ⋅ Michael Findlay ⋅ Athol Wigg ⋅ Steve Norris ⋅ Tony Cousins ⋅ Gilli Hayes ⋅ Arthur Wright ⋅ Ian Munachen ⋅ Ernst Krauss ⋅ Dharmesh Batavia ⋅ David Ganon OAM ⋅ Tony Coccaro ⋅ Gordon Forster ⋅ Brian Kegg ⋅ James Dyson ⋅ Nathan Webb ⋅ Langley Pope ⋅ Robert Meacock ⋅ Jacques F Gouws ⋅ Andy Aubin ⋅ Ken Sanders ⋅ Bennie Eden ⋅ Shaun Sandy ⋅ Peter Feszczak ⋅ Jamin Kilsby ⋅ John Parolo ⋅ Chris Denny OAM ⋅ Terence Kearns ⋅ Jeffrey Hoey ⋅ Mark Davey ⋅ David Shearer ⋅ Joshua L Sheard ⋅ Shahab S Ghasabi ⋅ Matt Trainor ⋅ Timothy McDougall⋅ Peter Cekanauskas.

Freemason Lodges

016 The Guildford Bassendean Lodge ⋅ 303 Old Goldfielders Lodge ⋅ 048 The Victoria Park Lodge ⋅ 001 The St John Sportsmen Lodge ⋅ 195 Lodge of Faith, Hope and Charity ⋅ 038 Swan Lodge ⋅ 005 York Lodge ⋅ 372 The J.F Walther Day Lodge ⋅ 041 Sussex Lodge ⋅ 006 J.D Stevenson St Georges Lodge ⋅  046 Lord Nelson Lodge ⋅  355 Joondalup Lodge ⋅ 112 The Darling Range Lodge ⋅ 177 Esperance Lodge ⋅ 009 The Harding Lodge ⋅ 357 Kingsley Day Lodge ⋅ 349 Wanneroo Lodge ⋅ 338 South West United Lodge ⋅ 124 Nannup Day Lodge.

Supporting the victims of

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Ellie

Last month, extreme weather systems imposed by Ex-tropical Cyclone Ellie triggered the worst flooding disaster in WA’s history. The reported 600mm of rainfall in just 7 days severely impacted road conditions in the Kimberley, with many roads impassable and most communities left isolated.

The scale of this disaster is starting to be quantified however the impact on those affected is felt immediately, indeed by our our own members and their families, with devastating destruction to homes, livelihoods, communities and wildlife.

Thank you to all who donated to the Grand Master’s Disaster Appeal for the victims of Ex-tropical Cyclone Ellie. Every contribution matters to this important appeal, regardless of how large or small.

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

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Making a Difference

Helping Western Australians 

when they need it most

The Grand Master’s Disaster Appeal is a perpetual fund established in 2021 by Masonic Foundation for aiding Western Australians in need as a result of crisis and disastrous events. The purpose is to enable the Foundation to respond quickly to these events with aid for those in immediate need, and to provide for those not helped by other community fundraising initiatives. Since 2021 we’ve responded with support for:

The Appeal is coordinated by Masonic Foundation, a registered charity established by the Freemasons in Western Australia which has a long history of funding the recovery efforts from major disasters including:

We really value the support of all the members of the Freemasons and thank them for the way they are supporting, and partnering with the Salvation Army in making a positive difference in the lives of Australians, and Australian communities.

Major Brad Potter

WA Division Commander
Salvation Army

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Masonic Foundation is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission. More information can be found here.