Grand Lodge Strategic Plans

The Grand Lodge of Western Australia has been refreshed with a new vision and purpose, and new strategic objectives that will ensure the organisation’s viability and success into the future. Together with new Membership targets and other associated tasks, they form the new Strategic Plans that will guide the operations and activities of the Grand Lodge of Western Australia for 2022-25. Both plans are now available for all members to review.

The two Strategic Plans show a departure from methodologies of previous years, with separate and distinct initiatives specifically targeted to Membership, and to financial and operational viability. The organisation’s committees and sub-committees have been re-cast to support these new initiatives and to deliver them on time.

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In his announcement video, the Grand Master introduces the newly developed vision and purposes for Grand Lodge in the two Strategic Plans, as well as providing a high-level summary of the scope of works involved.

Each strategic objective announced in the video has it’s own subset of activities, and more in-depth information on each objective will be available to members soon. For any questions on the information presented please contact either the Grand Secretary or the Grand Master.  

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Do you have a skill or some free time that could help achieve these new strategic objectives? If you haven’t already done so, please complete the Freemasons WA Knowledge and Skills Survey with your professional background to let us know how and where you can help.


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