Reminder: Annual Communication & Proclamation

A reminder to all those who have registered for the Annual Communication & Proclamation

It is to be held at the

Mandurah Murray Masonic Centre,
16 Furnissdale Road

On Sunday the 26th of October 2014

10:00am    – Annual Communication of Grand Lodge
– AGM of Grand Lodge & Freemasons Homes (Masonic Care WA)
11:00am    – Masonic Thanksgiving Service (at Masonic Centre)
12:00am    – Luncheon (at Masonic Centre)
1:30pm      – Proclamation of Deputy Grand Master and Investiture of Grand Officers

Notes for Brethren

Dress will be dinner suit and black tie.
Brethren of Daylight Lodges may wear conservative lounge suit and tie. Regalia will be worn.

Members of the Ceremonial Team will wear white tie and tails with full dress regalia.
Past Grand Masters & Past Deputy Grand Masters should wear white tie and tails.

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