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Grand Inspector of Workings Message May 2023


This month I would like to address a couple of issues from my own observations and from reports from some of the District Grand Inspector of Workings.

Rehearsals and Test Questions

Rehearsals are important for a number of reasons, besides ensuring that we give our best possible performance on the night of the meeting, it is where the members of the Lodge can get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. This is why it is extremely important that when a newer member is about to take his second or third degree, he attends the rehearsals to answer his test questions. The first time answering the test questions can be a daunting task but is made so much easier if it has been rehearsed. If for whatever reason the candidate cannot attend the appropriate rehearsal, his proposer or someone duly appointed to look after the candidate has rehearsed the test questions with the candidate. Our ceremonies reflect on how we prepare.

Proposing or Responding to Toasts

While the festive boards are a relaxed atmosphere tan inside the Lodge Room there are protocols that are adhered to as set out in the Manual of Rulings and this month, I am addressing the proposing and responding to toasts and are adhering to the MoR

These guidelines do not cover every possibility but should be able to be adapted to most situations.


Toast to the Grand Master or his Representative at an Installation.(given by WM) M.W. Bro Grand Master, MW Bro (surname), (or title and name of Rep), (If a delegation from Royal Arch Chapter or Scottish Constitution)  Title, Name, Worshipful Brethren, Brethren then propose the toast including things GM has achieved or planned for his term and if a representative also talks about his role and pledge Lodges support to GM and the Grand Lodge of WA.


If there is Past Grand Masters in attendance, nice to include them in the initial part, after the Representative and before Worshipful Brethren. Once this has been done once as an acknowledgment of their presents there is no need for this to be done in future toasts. It is unwise to start including RW Brethren in toasts as it can lead to a RW Bro not being included.


Toast to WM at Installation   Worshipful Master, M W, Bro GM (or rep), Worshipful Brethren, Brethren, then positive comments on his character and leadership, etc., and looking forward to a successful year, etc.


Toast to Candidate.  Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brethren, Brethren, It is my pleasure to propose a toast to Bro……….. then some nice words about Candidate and end with Brethren you will be upstanding and drink a toast to Bro……..


Toast to Visitors  (does not have to be done by JW) Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brethren, Brethren. Then a short acknowledgment of the visitors and particular highlight any visitor that may have assisted in your ceremony or at the festive board.


Response by WM to his Toast GM or rep, (Proposer of toast rank and name eg RW Bro Smith), Worshipful Brethren, Brethren, then respond accordingly.


Response by Visitors Worshipful Master, Bro Junior Warden (or proposer of toast if not JW), Worshipful Brethren, Worshipful Brethren, Brethren then respond,


Response by Candidate


Worshipful Master, (Proposer eg Bro Smith) Worshipful Brethren, Brethren. Thank You Bro Smith for your kind words and I would like to thank you as my proposer and Bro x as my seconder and the brethren of the Lodge for the way I have been accepted into the Lodge. I certainly found tonight’s ceremony interesting and look forward to progressing on my journey in Freemasonry. In conclusion, I thank Bro Smith for the proposition of the toast and the brethren for the way they received it.


Depending on circumstances and degrees the response will vary but Candidates should be given guidance by their proposer or a nominated brother to do so and ensure the candidate is aware he is allowed to use written notes or a cue card.


Chaplain (Grace in the South)


Brethren for what we are about to receive let us give thanks to the Great Architect of The Universe SMIB.



  • A newly appointed Chaplain should be warned prior to Installation night that he is required to give grace at the festive board.
  • Where possible those proposing or having to respond to a toast should have been given prior warning.
  • If there are non-masonic guests in attendance, refer to them after Brethren.
  • If the DGIW attends a regular meeting, he should be included after the WM as VW Bro (Surname)

VWBro Ross Flood
Grand Inspector of Workings

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