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Grand Inspector of Workings Message

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Grand Inspector of Workings Message

As the new year is now underway The DGIW’s are now hard at work assisting in ensuring the high standard of Ritual work in Western Australian Lodges continues as well as performing their duties as a representative of the Grand lodge in presenting Certificates and Membership Jewels.

To the country DGIW who travel many kilometres in supporting Freemasonry, I would like to highlight a few great efforts by our country DGIW’s and 1 Master Mason.

RW Bro Robbie McInnes recently presented 2 Grand Lodge Jewels to Leonora United Members, which went something like this. Robbie, his wife and W.Bro Bob Foster, Secretary of (Leonora United) left Kulin to pick up RW Bro Tom Collins of Dangin Lodge onto Greenmount to W.Bro Russell Lockyer’s Residence, where they were joined by the WM of Leonora W. Bro Rob Coxall. After a nice morning tea and much reminiscing, R W Bro presented Russell’s 40-year jewel ably assisted by Russell’s wife Betty who pinned the jewel on.

Robbie, his wife, Bob Foster and Tom Collins then headed South Yunderup to present Bro Bob Browning with his 30-year jewel. VW Bro Graham Swift joined Robbie and his team at Bob’s house, Where Bob’s wife, Chris provided afternoon tea. Again, Robbie, in presenting the jewel, allowed Bob’s wife to pin the jewel on.

Between Christmas and New Year VWBro Barry Gangell presented W Bro Neil Marrett of Dangin Lodge with his conferred rank of PSGD. While Neil now lives in Armadale, and because his eyes are not the best cant drive to Lodge meetings but would like to attend a Day Lodge if he can be picked up. He would also like to attend the re-consecration of the Dangin Lodge. These matters are being looked after, thanks to Barry passing on the message.

VW Bro Howard Bunt, DIW for Bridgetown Lodge reported that Bro Peter Brown JD did an excellent job in presenting the 1st-degree Tracing Board, congratulation to Peter a Master Mason taking on this charge and doing a fine job with it.

VWBro Ross Flood
Grand Inspector of Workings

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