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Old Goldfielders’ MAN UP Fundraising Dinner

On Tuesday, 6 September 2022, Man Up received a donation of $3000 collected from the members of the Victoria Park based Freemasons Lodge, Old Goldfielders’

MAN UP is a not-for-profit education service that provides peer support, empowering young men, focusing on mental health, emotional growth and general well being.

Our aim is to change the phrase ‘MAN UP’ to mean something positive; to live authentically from one’s heart, embrace vulnerability, and hold one another accountable to stand up for what is right.

Old Goldfielders Lodge based in Victoria Park, is one of the many active Freemason Clubs active across the state, that as part of its unique framework for personal enrichment and growth, that helps continue to build caring communities through such public works as these charitable donations.  Freemasonry has been growing the last few years, particularly with men under the age of 40 seeking to enrich their lives, find mentors from different ages and backgrounds, and a spiritual nature.

Traditionally Old Goldfielders’ Lodge has been a place where the friendliness of a background in the Goldfields unites the members

adapted from History of Old Goldfielders’

Freemasonry has been active in Western Australia since WA’s foundation and provides a place for men to come together and work together to become the best version of themselves and the community by extension of this.  It does this by focusing on the person and what they have in common, and not those things that divide opinion, which is why freemasons don’t talk about religion and politics. 

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