Grand Master’s Q&A

This week’s update from the Grand Master is in Q&A form. Thank you to all the members that submitted questions to the Grand Secretary. All members are sure to learn something from this episode.

If you have any follow up questions or suggestions for topics to cover in future updates, please email the Grand Secretary.

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  1. Grand Master
    Just watched your question/answer segment and found the lapel pins(S&C) as not being part of our dress code and as a DC in my Lodge, it got me thinking about…
    Rings and cuff links bearing the S&C.
    Some brethren could argue that point as items like these may be beyond their “resources”
    Putting it mildly….the rich can show their S&C, but a lapel pin can’t be displayed by a brother who cannot afford such “luxuries”.
    Could you please elaborate on this a little more as I, a DC, could find myself in a difficult situation. ?

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