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Closure of Grand Lodge of WA group

As raised by the Grand Master in the Monthly Bulletin for March, on May 31st 2020 Grand Lodge will be deprecating the Grand Lodge of WA Facebook group. Last year we made major improvements to our website and monthly bulletin system, and this decision has been made as a continuation of those efforts to improve communications from Grand Lodge to all members.

Currently, the purpose of this Facebook group is also served by the Grand Master’s Freemasons in Western Australia group. Operating the two groups concurrently complicates an otherwise straight-forward communication channel.


With the closure of this group we endeavour to address the following issues:

  • Double-handling of communications between multiple similar groups
  • Establishing a clear purpose for the Freemasons in Western Australia group, in partnership with the public-accessible page The Grand Lodge of Freemasons WA
  • Sufficiently distinguishing the Grand Master’s group as the official exclusive group for WA Freemasons and assist the Grand Master with the group’s administrative tasks

What this means for you

If you are already a member of the Grand Master’s group, Freemasons in Western Australia, then there is nothing further required.  If you are not a member of that group, please click the following link to join the group. Group membership requires answering 3 questions that verify your membership as an active WA Freemason. Your answers will be verified by Grand Lodge in order to maintain the privacy of the group.

Click here to join Freemasons in Western Australia on Facebook

More information

The public page The Grand Lodge of Freemasons WA will remain unchanged, and so it may be followed by friends, family and the general public. Our social media policy has been updated in line with these changes so please familiarise yourself with the latest revision here.

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