Please see Freemasons WA CEO, M-L MacDonald’s update on the progress of the Grand Master’s Australian Bush Fire Appeal. Thank you for your generosity!

Currently the appeal has a balance of $ 14,358.50 (growing daily). Donations have been received from individual Brethren, staff, Lodges in addition overseas Brethren and Lodges from America, England and Switzerland have also send contributions to the fund.

Following last week’s negative media regarding Red Cross donations. I want to assure you that all funds raised are to be used to support the affected communities through the Salvation Army. Bankwest is acting as the receiver with no costs being charged to manage the donations.

The main portion of donated funds are used for Direct Assistance in the form of cash grants, vouchers, services (such as counselling) and goods to help those affected. A small portion of funds may be used for Support Activities including (but not limited to) personnel deployment, the establishment of an operations centre, communications with affected residents.

Both Direct Assistance and Support Activities are determined in consultation with representatives from the affected community. The Salvation Army caps the percentage of funds used for Support Activities at a maximum of 10 per cent. This ensures that at least 90 per cent of donated funds are used for Direct Assistance.

CEO Freemasons WA

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For donations to the Grand Master’s Australian Bush Fire Appeal, please click here

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