FWA CEO and Scott Guerini

Freemasons WA Support Scott’s Great Walk

On the 14th of August Freemasons WA CEO ML MacDonald was pleased to accept delivery of 50 copies of “Did you know you can change the world?” by author and telethon fundraiser Scott Guerini.

Since the age of four Scott has been raising money for telethon to help sick kids, which all started with ‘Scott’s Great Walk for Telethon’. We will let an excerpt from Scott’s book tell his story:

FWA CEO, Scott Guerini and family

From left to right (Nicole Guerini, Scott Guerini, FWA CEO ML MacDonald, Damien Guerini)

“Scott Guerini, born February 1st 2006, loves spending time on his family farm in the small town of Southern Cross in the Western Australian Wheatbelt. Scott has spent the majority of his life pushing his body to achieve huge athletic feats. In 2010, when Scott was 4, he learnt about fundraising, and he decided he needed to do something to help sick kids and babies. The hardest thing he could think of was to walk 25km from his farm to town and so began ‘Scott’s Great Walk’. At 4, 5 and 6 Scott walked 25km, at 7 he walked 41km and at 8, 9 and 10 he walked full 42.195km Marathons. Scott’s walks are completed in the one day.

In 2016 Scott completed his first International Walk, hiking 82km in the Canadian Rockies over 5 nights and 6 days. Scott’s younger brother Damien is always part of the support crew and pushed his body past its limits by completing his first Marathon and the International Hike with Scott in 2016.

Scott has been public speaking and inspiring others with his story since the age of 9. His story is always growing and in 2017 he will complete his 4th Marathon as well as his 1st 50km Ultra Marathon in celebration of the 50th Telethon.

Since 2010, Scott has raised over $116,000 for Telethon and he has done it with no expectation of anything in return, he does it purely because he wants to help. Scott’s family and the community around him are a constant help and support and without them Scott would not have been able to achieve what he has. Scott wants people to know that you don’t need to have age,
power or money behind you to change the world, the most important things you need to have are a passion for what you want to do, determination to make it happen no matter how hard it gets and to believe in what you are doing.”  – Excerpt from ‘Did you know you can change the world?’ by Scott Guerini

Freemasons WA first became aware of the great work Scott is doing for telethon when a radio broadcast requesting assistance with raising funds to print Scott’s book was overheard. Whilst support for Scott was so overwhelming that he was fully funded before we could make contact, we have actively maintained a relationship with Scott and his mother Nicole to ensure that should there be any further support required we can always lend a hand.

Freemasons WA Support Scott’s Great Walk

The 50 copies purchased by Freemasons WA are to be given as prizes to participants in the Freemasons WA Speak Up Awards competition to demonstrate to our future generations that one person really can make a big difference. More information on Scott and his Great Walk for Telethon is available at scottsgreatwalk.com whilst copies of Scott’s book can be purchased online at the telethon webstore www.telethon7.com/e-shop.